Interior Improvements v1.7.2

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Interior Improvements v1.7.2

1-New Geneation Scania Added Two V8 Woodline X Redline İnteriors.
2-Man Tgx Standard İnterior Added Gps for Comfortpack.
3-Scania R 2009 X Streamline Models Standard İnterior Added Gps for Comfortpack.
4-Daf Xf Standard İnterior Added Gps For Comfortpack.
5-Daf Xf Euro6 Standard İnterior and Exclusive interior Electronic Climate for Comfortpack.
6-Renault Range T Added 7 İnterior
-Standard İnterior – Se-Exclusive Variant for Comfortpack 2013/2019 – Sv-Black Look/2013 – Sv-Exlusive Look/2013.
-Exclusive Black İnterior – B-Extra Added 2013 Version.
*Sv-Standard Variant B-Black Se-Standard Look Exclusive Variant*
7- Volvo Fh16 Standard İnterior Added Gps for Comfortpack.
8- İveco Stralis Standard İnterior Added Gps For Comfortpack.

Update V.1.2.1 / 13.03.20
-Added Mercedes Actros Elagance İnterior Leather Version.(Option Buy Dealer)
-Added Mercedes Actros Xenon Headlights.(Option Buy Dealer)
-Added Mercedes Actros 2014 Halogen Headlights.(Option Buy Dealer)
-Added Man Txg Euro6 Xenon Headlights.(Option Buy Dealer)
-Added New Geneation Scania Standard Headlights Convert Led Headlight Version.(Option Buy Dealer)
–Renault Premium/Magnum Trucks Remove Orange Dashboard Computer added 3 dashboard computer options.
-Standard Orange Dashboard Change +TechBlack(Black or White) Suitable for Privilege(P) Version.
-Standard Orange Dashboard Change +TechPack(Black or White) Suitable for Standard(M) Version.
-Premium Or Magnum Tft Colour Dashboard Computer +TechColour Suitable For Excellence or Route66 Versions.
-Premium Or Magnum Blue Dashboard Computer +Techblue Suitable For Privilege, Excellence(P) Standard, Route66(M)
-(P): Privilege or Excellence (M): Standard or Route66

Update V. / 7.04.20
-Scania R and Scania Streamline v8 leather pack(Normal cab) and steering wheels(Option Buy Dealer)
-İnterior Prices Renewed

Update V.1.3 / 1.06.20 / 3.06.20 *Patch..
-Ability to change grills and headlights for Scania R and Streamline has been added.
-Redlook and Woodlook interior options has been added for new gen Scania S and R.
-Bug fixes.
-Optifuel and optifuel metallic colors has been added for Renault Range T, Premium and Magnum.
-Magnum initiale noir amethyst color has been added for Renault Premium and Range T.
*Volvo Fh16 cabin faults solved.
*Added Volvo fh16 and 2012 models Xenon Headlights.(Option Buy Dealer)

Update V.1.4 / 16.10.20
-Renault T Pure Vision Headlight and Deep Orange Color Added.
-Bug Fixes
-Updated Lastest Version

Update V.1.5 / 25.03.21
-Fixed bugs that would disrupt game flow.
***Supports version 1.40

Update V.1.5.1 / 24.04.21
**Fixed Bugs!
***Fixed Bugs That Would Disrupt Game Flow!
*Real Wooden İnterior Added to (Renault) Range T Truck.
*Added New Color Options *Supporting Trucks-
Magnum and Premium Models for Renault.
*New Steering Wheel Options Added to Range T…
*Various İnteriors Were Added To The Range T.

Update V.1.7.2 / 16.12.21
-Added 4 headlight options to 2021 new Daf truck.
-The hexagon interior option available in the Xg model was ported to the Xg+ model of the new Daf 2021 model truck.
-The interiors added to the Renault Range T Truck were reworked, the name and, pricing were revised again.
-New Man Euro6 headlights were reworked and revised.
-Man Tgx steering wheels added to Man Euro 6
*Minor Bugs Fixed!!
*Fixed Bugs That Would Disrupt Game Flow!

Credits: AcemiOyncu
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