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Upgrading to version 17.02

Changes in this version:
* Adapting to version 1.27
* Improved on-board computer
* Bugfixes and edits

All previous versions of this mod, as well as all fixes to them, are removed!
The file magnum_updates_v17.02_by_knox_xss.zip should be placed in the \ mod \ folder.
For tandems (optional):
The file magnum_updates_v17.xx_bdf_rus.zip from the folder “BDF” is also placed in the \ mod \ folder.

Alternative sounds (optional):
Any file from the folder “Sounds” can be placed in the \ mod \ folder. In the mod-manager, give it priority over the main mod files!

For American Truck Simulator:

In addition to the above files, you should also place the magnum.zip file in the \ mod \ folder in the “For American Truck Simulator” folder. In the mod-manager, give it priority lower than the main mod files!

* Before using this version of the mod is recommended to change the interior of Magnum to “Privilege” or “Route 66 Edition”!
* Before using this version of the mod, it is recommended to dismantle all booths for long chassis, as well as navigators “TomTom”!
Helpful information
* If after the name of the flashing light there is a green “Dipped beam” icon, then this beacon turns on when the dipped headlights are switched on. Otherwise – as usual
* For connoisseurs of realism, the steering wheel is added to 1800 degrees. To use it you need the files def \ vehicle \ truck \ renault.magnum \ interior \ animations * .sui, in the line …
// wheel_anim: “/vehicle/truck/renault_magnum_2009/interior/wheel1800.pma” // 1800degree
… remove the characters “//” before “wheel_anim”

Credits: Author: Knox_xss Collaborators: Hard_Chebur - interiors, decoration Dmitry68 - dashboard animation Flemming V - basic models of booths and trailers for BDF DANZ - flashing beacons, plaques and signs Oq37 - pennants Kuba141 - on-board computer 50keda - basic navigator model SCS Software - basic model of Magnum I am grateful to Renault Trucks, the team of SCS Software, Simon (50keda), Dmitriy (dmitry68), Vyacheslav (Hardcub), Oleg (oq37), Denis (DANZ), Sergey (Supric), Flemming V, Davidzoli, Enrique (SheryO), kuba141 and many other fans of Magnum, who presented various ideas and carrying healthy criticism. :)
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