About Euro Truck simulator 2 Game

Europe’s famous truck brands

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is upgraded with 7 unique truck brands – this means that players have even more options and alternatives. Ets 2 game suggests 13 different truck types to satisfy everyone’s expectations. While playing ETS 2, you will feel like driving a real truck because all models are original and created with a license.


Vast landscape

While playing euro truck simulator 2 you will visit 16 counties across Europe. All surrounding including towns, landscapes or roads are restored identically – it will be easy to fall into the game easily. Euro truck simulator 2 game can become your way of exploring the world.


Personal Career

Euro truck Simulator 2 will give a player absolute freedom to create a character who matches the needs. It means that there are no strict guidelines of how characters should look like – it is all up to the players. Everyone can improve specific skills and create their prototype.


Company management

If you think that getting a truck that you want in ets 2 is the final goal, it’s not. Every player is allowed to have different tasks – you can even become an owner of a multiple company abroad and manage other drivers. Ets 2 game is full of chances and challenges, test your skills!


Truck customization

ETS 2 is developed not to let the players get bored. It is a versatile game where everyone has a power to change, develop and renew their trucks. Whenever you have an idea to upgrade your vehicle, you will everything you need in euro truck simulator 2 options. Create your dream truck again and again!


Modding and community

What is the best about euro truck simulator 2 game, that there is a wide and strong modding team. Players around the word rack their brain on how to improve and develop Euro Truck Simulator 2. New mods occur not only every day but every minute as well, so being part of this active community is priceless.


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